A Graduate Journey to Medicine

First quarter as a medical student
by vmed

Last updated11/29/15Hello everyone, I know it’s been such a long time since my last post, I was busy getting my

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graduate medicine funding
by vmed

Last updated07/26/15Great! I got my offer and I start in September. Now how do I pay for my tuition fees?

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Time for GAMSAT preparation
by vmed

Last updated06/30/15In my previous post, I talked about the lack of sufficient time to prepare for GAMSAT, when I first

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2 months enough for GAMSAT?
by vmed

Last updated06/29/15July 2012 – date at which I decided to change career and head to med school. By the time

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1rst attempt at GAMSAT
by vmed

Last updated06/23/15July 2012, I decided it was time to become a doctor and so the race began, because I wasn’t

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Graduate Entry Medicine
by vmed

Last updated06/18/15Oh my God!!!!!!! I can’t even scream I’m at work. I have just been called out by the university

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